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2010-12-08 01:21 am

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"still a small part of myself pretending to be whole."
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2010-10-16 05:24 pm


i. Anybody who wants to serve in our armed forces and make sacrifices on our behalf should be able to. DADT will end & it will end on my watch. — Obama

ii. Brené Brown's inspirational blog. Tiny reminders.

iii. This print on Etsy. ♥

iv. Sweetest animation I've seen in a long time:

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2010-10-11 03:35 pm



"If at large gatherings or parties, or around people with whom you feel distant, your hands sometimes hang awkwardly at the ends of your arms—if you find yourself at a loss for what to do with them, overcome with sadness that comes when you recognise the foreignness of your own body—it’s because your hands remember a time when the division between mind and body, brain and heart, what’s inside and what’s outside, was so much less." — Nicole Krauss, The History of Love
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2010-10-08 10:36 pm


Interesting, entertaining, but all-too-brief interview with secular humanist David Tribe here. He touches on a few topics I'd love to read more about, especially in an objective light. Think I'll have to contact the NSW Humanist Society and get a copy of his book.
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2010-10-08 12:30 am


The last spring breeze blew through yesterday. Summer nights are back.
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2010-10-06 01:47 am

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There is such a thing as the perfect moment— time brings things of its own accord, we do not merely insert acts and phenomena into time.

It is the kind of idea that comes later to most people. Decades pass, one walks through a darkened room in which someone has died, and suddenly one recalls long forgotten words and the roar of the sea. It's as if those few words had captured the whole meaning of life, but afterwards one always talks about something else.

— Márai, Embers
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2010-06-26 12:19 pm


Maybe, he thinks, it is like the Noh: whenever
the script says dances, whatever the actor does next
is a dance. If he stands still, he is dancing.

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2010-03-28 02:51 pm


"Don't ask for life to be easier if you are capable of being strong."
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2007-03-17 11:36 am

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"a psychological nomad"